Message from the Engineer

The County Engineer's Office is the center for management of the County Road and Bridge Department and Permitting Department.  You are always welcome to come in and visit the Engineer with your questions or concerns.

The County Judge and County Commissioners are currently faced with difficult issues due to the expansion of the oil and gas industry in Reeves County.  These issues involve contracts, bond issues, lawsuits, land development, regulations, and many other complex matters needed to address the rapid growth. To deal with these issues, the Reeve County Commissioner’s Court relies on professional advisors to provide guidance, such as engineers. Today in Reeves County the majority of urgent priorities deal with land development pressures, traffic congestion, road improvements, mapping, and construction. These are all areas where an engineer can help. Engineers are trained for this type of work. They can design, estimate, construct, organize and communicate in today’s world of complex regulations and technical policies. County engineers, as appointed officials, have been around for a long time. Traditionally, there have been two functions for an engineer in the administration of county government. The first function is the operation and administration of a County’s road department system. The second, a more recent trend, is to head the administration of a County’s development regulations, such as, on-site sewage facility permitting, subdivision regulations, flood plain regulations and 911 addressing. Some counties even place greater responsibilities on their county engineer.

In most counties, however, the primary function of a county engineer is to administer the county road department system. The county road department system is a method of county road maintenance that has been available to Texas counties for many years. This system differs from the customary precinct road commissioner system where each commissioner is responsible for the maintenance of the roads within their own precinct.  It is the responsibility of the County Engineer to establish a maintenance cycle in which all roads can addressed and kept maintained in a timely manner.  With the rapid growth of truck traffic, a maintenance cycle becomes more difficult to maintain and conversely more critical to keep on schedule.

 With the close of fiscal year 2018, we saw a dramatic increase in roadway repairs.  County and Contract crews repaired and repaved a total of 84 miles compared to the 45 miles from 2017.  As the oil and gas industry continues to thrive in Reeves County, the work load of repairing roads also rises.  The increase in tax valuation has more than doubled the revenues available for road repairs, equipment and personnel.  For 2019, the Road & Bridge department has 120 miles of road repairs scheduled.  With 580 total miles of County roads, this rate would allow for all County roads to be maintained in a 5-year cycle.

Raul B. Rodriguez,

P.E. Reeves County Engineer

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