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Road & Bridge Maintenance

Maintenance Foreman (Paving Operations) 
Jaime Mendoza
Phone: (432) 448-7544
Email Jaime 

Maintenance Foreman (Road Rehab Operations) 
Anthony Lopez
Phone: (432) 448-0076
Email Anthony

Maintenance Fleet Foreman
Joe Baeza
Phone: (432) 287-0050



To request services that do not involve a hazardous situation, call 432-287-0500 or make a request through the Contact Us form.

To request a service for traffic control devices (stop signs, traffic lights, pavement markings, turn lanes, speed limits,) call 432-287-0500, or submit a concern through this form.

To make inquiries or complaints about work done by the Street Services Department, call 432-287-0500, or submit a concern through this form.



The Road & Bridge Department responds to many types of emergency situations, including all types of emergency street repair needs.  Telephones are answered around the clock and crews are dispatched immediately for hazardous situations.


  • Dangerous pot holes
  • Stopped up road drains or flooding
  • Debris blocking roads or creeks
  • Loose or missing signs
  • Missing or damaged guard rails



The Road & Bridge Department is responsible for the mowing of public property.  For visibility obstructions and other hazards to public roads, contact the Road & Bridge Department (432-287-0500).

Median and Right-of-Way Mowing Medians and rights-of-way (ROW) are mowed on a rotating cycle between February and November of each year.  Allowing for delays because of weather, each median and right-of-way will be mowed between 5 and 10 times during the growing season.

Median and ROW mowing consists of the following activities:

  • Picking up and removing litter
  • Mowing
  • Edging every other mowing cycle
  • Trimming around landscaping, signs, poles, etc.
  • Removing grass clippings from streets, gutters, and concrete portions of medians
  • Removing litter scraps unintentionally mowed

Herbiciding is done to minimize tall broad leaf weeds and also used on concrete medians to kill unwanted growth.

Submit a Road Concern Via Email